Getting under way

I’ve been threatening for ages that I’d take the plunge and make a blog of my own.  Now that I’ve registered with the BeadSoup Blog Party ( I’m just about to join in the fun courtesy of my beading partner, Valerie Norton, the time has arrived.  From small beginnings maybe?

I intend to post passing remarks about my creative endeavours as well as all the bits and bobs that  make up my life.  My creativity at the moment is mostly hand-crafted jewellery, knitting, crochet, dress making, cross stitch – in fact, most needle crafts, using the term loosely of course.

Included will be references to the people who matter most, including the extended part of our family which currently is made up of a posse of cats.  How true is  “Cats are children covered in fur”? I don’t think that anyone would argue that that isn’t true of our family anyway.  As far as we’re concerned, they are part of the family.  We’d certainly have poorer lives without them.


About milwardstory

The Milward Story So Far tells some of the varied stories and interests of our lives so far, and is for all who never stop believing in themselves and have (or want) a positive outlook, no matter what life throws at you! Be our guest and look around.
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