A busy enough day

Had quite an active day today – I think I’ve caught up on sleep somewhat as I’ve felt like doing things.  Steve and I went to Pegg’s for some sodium hydroxide to clean out the bathroom drains (thrills eh?)and then had his bike ride.  I sneaked off to do some jewellerying after odd chores.  He’s busy ironing after  a little snooze during which I returned to the wire and I’ve finished off my idea.  I’m quite pleased with it as I’ve had a go at loads of new techniques, and it’s grown as I’ve worked.  I had some gorgeous big agate beads so I used one as a focal and then two smaller ones for the side.  Pictures will speak louder though – please have a look and tell me what you think.  Tips of preventing the skin around my fingers from splitting painfully would be appreciated too.  I put it down to the drying effects of using my fingertips for the wire bending…I know I should use the tools I have but fingers just give more feel for it.

Agate pendant in its whole glory.  The whole finished product – lots of coppery wire, mesh ribbon and agate.  You can’t see it very clearly but I also made a simple toggle to finish it off.Sprung-agate-pendant-bead

One of the smaller beads, with a spring setting.


Close up of the focal.

The pictures are not much cop, but I didn’t set up any backgrounds, just used the table I work at. Flash and shadow definitely an issue, but I hope you get the idea.

No beads from Valerie yet, but she did write me a lovely mail to confirm that they were posted on Monday.

Steve has finished ironing and it’s my turn to get back to the necessary jobs.  Vegetables to peel for Sunday yum tomorrow, parsnips to pre-cook etc.  We’ve got a piece of lamb courtesy of FarmFoods, as we’ve had their (definitely not horse) joints before and really enjoyed them.

Back tomorrow hopefully.



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The Milward Story So Far tells some of the varied stories and interests of our lives so far, and is for all who never stop believing in themselves and have (or want) a positive outlook, no matter what life throws at you! Be our guest and look around.
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