Me and that chair – reunited after too long an absence

Me and that chair - reunited after too long an absence

Still here, thanks to my neurosurgical team – but most of all, to my family.

I’ve managed to cook the evening meal today, albeit a “stick it all in the slow cooker and turn it on” variety.  AS Shrek puts it all too well, baby steps. Progress may not be up front visible but my confidence and stamina are building steadily. When we went to Aldi yesterday I didn’t find things seemed too fast or loud.  I’ve had the necessary papers from DVLC to get my driving licence back and  I’ll get those filled in and sent off.  The papers are on the surface pretty straightforward but pose one or two strange questions in my circumstances…the name of my doctor/surgeon and last date /next date to see him?  I assume it was the doctor whose name was on the board by my bed but I couldn’t tell you when I last saw him, as I’d not even recognise him in the street, such was my conscious contact with him.  In my discharge note from Queen’s I was told I’d see him again in 6 to 8 weeks’ time – fine, except that I’ve had a letter today with an appointment for July, which will be four months.  Steve bless him is trying to take over all these irritating details for me, and has rung the hospital and had to leave a message on the proverbial “never”answering machine…I’m not sure that my appointment needs to be done and dusted for me to return to driving,but if it is, July is much too long to wait. Legally you have to wait a month after a sub-arachnoid – and it’s a month today.

What’s becoming more of a concern to me is that Steve is getting more and more run down and tired himself;he’s so worried I’ll try to do too much that he’s setting himself up to cover all my bases for me, whereas I’m becoming happy to have a go at whatever and pass it on if necessary.  I’m not well-known for my patience with illness in myself but I do think that this time my mind is being made up far more than usual by sheer physical restraints.  I feel tired – too tired to attempt much.  Walking 80 yards to the Post Box near us is an achievement for me – but I’m getting to the stage where I’d quite like to go out for a 20 minute amble without anyone else needing to be with me or come looking for me – I can take a phone, and I can hardly get miles off the beaten track round here!  In some ways it reminds me of when I went to Guernsey with my mum and dad when I was a little girl.  I’d only be about four years old, and I do know mum and dad were really looking forward to getting away on a proper holiday without Grandma and Grandad around – almost an escape, or a declaration of independence. It was to be to a (relatively) far away place, and I think at that time my grandparents were a bit too keen to be in on the action with me and quite likely to get a bus outing for the day to come calling if we went closer to home.  Suffice it to say that I think we’d been on Guernsey only two days when up rolled grandma and grandad, to stay for the remainder of the break.  Don’t think my parents were too thrilled…they thought they’d made a statement.  It must be said that only a couple of years later we did manage to get far enough away from the grandparents not to come calling, and I’m convinced it would only be the impossible expense of getting to Malaya that put them off, even then!  I put their hunting us down to the fact that Dad was in the army so they had relatively little contact with him and his family, compared to that they had with dad’s sisters and their families.

Steve has been checking up on uploading/editing my Bead Soup Blog images, so they’ll be ready for my amended date of the 20th.  I just hope and pray that Lori is feeling much better now, as I myself am thanks to all your support.  It will take a fortnight to look the pictures through as they stand, as I’ve succumbed to taking bits of close-ups on quite a few of the pieces – the devil is in the details, so I must be full of evil!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Until next time!



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