Does anyone like bureaucracy?

Up to our ears in the above, and all boils down to a lack of (the right kind of) staff, particularly in “public service”…in fact, I’ll stick my neck out even more and specify the DWP and the NHS. Every time you ring, you get through – if you’re lucky and after several transfers to someone else – to a real live human being on the phone, we usually find that they’re pleasant enough people. They then either pass the buck (again) or tell you to go to an office or location that will take you at least an hour to reach, if you’re fortunate and have your own transport. Someone is telling me very stridently that I miss my driving licence!
The latest fun and games is over prescriptions (946th time this year) or hospitals (actually seeing consultants and/or getting surgery/procedures/opinions/reassurance) I wrote to QMC as well as sending an email copy of my recent horrific experience there, and a nice enough lady asked me if I wanted to make this a formal complaint or if I’d be satisfied to speak to the matron of the department concerned. As I’d not seen hide nor hair of the matron while I was in, and wasn’t even aware such a person existed, I opted for the formal complaint. They said they’d look into the concerns I’d expressed and be back within 40 days. I’m not clear if that’s ordinary days or working week variety, but my only real expectation is that they’ll say I was confused after the surgery (after 9 days’ worth?)or that nothing can be done to prevent others having the same frightening and nasty experience.
Steve is still suffering, at times really badly, with pain, both with his full-to-bursting gall bladder, and his waiting-for-epidural femoratica. I still have a guilty twinge about the epidural’s delay – it should have happened the week I was in ICU in Queen’s and the delay is rotten.
On a very sad note, the man who saved my life many years ago by recognising my pituitary tumour, and getting me the right treatment, as well as caring for me for many years, has died. His name was Professor Donald S. Munro; he was a true professional, and a very gentle, quietly spoken old-fashioned gent. My sympathies and thanks go to what must be his very proud but sad family.
The DWP for Jenni has at least has been resolved, with her tribunal last Friday agreeing with her that she is not fit for work. Jenni has had to wait 14 months for this, so it’s a huge relief and she’ll be able to re-focus properly on her other priorities. We’re intensely proud that she achieved over 80% for her first assignment of her current very high-level University course. And there’s the small matter o what we have to live on until such time as we have the forms, send them back and get them acted upon.
I’ve been bead-focussed on jewellery for myself to wear to the wedding we’re going to on June 1st. The delicas have been out, and stitched in five flower shapes, which I hope to make into foci for a necklace. Before the above DWP hash-up I’d ordered some beads to go into this, and I’m counting on them arriving tomorrow. We seem to be getting heavily into doing things asap just in case a different bolt from the blue arrives – a fairly natural spin off after a brain haemorrhage, I hope. I’ve been a bit puzzled and sad that my Bead Soup Blog Party competition entries don’t seem to be on the site any more. Lori (Anderson) reassures me they’ve not been taken off,but I just can’t seem to find them. Not a worry, as I didn’t expect to win anything, just enjoyed the Party immensely. Lori herself is very ill; at the time I write her new meds are not doing anything positive – quite the opposite, but she still finds time to blog, bless her.
My mum and dad have gone off today on one of their tow-the=caravan-to-southern-France expeditions today. I really hope that it all goes well for them – they’ve enjoyed them so much for the last many years, and met such nice people. If I’m half as well as them at their age, I’ll be amazed. Dad will be 84 next week, mum following closely behind in November. All our love goes with the, as ever.
This week’s calendar? The only two confirmed things are haircuts on Wednesday and a delivery of fish on Friday. Seeing as the last fish was delivered the week I was in QMC it shows how time flies! It seems years ago since then, and happily I now feel as well as I’ve felt in a very long time. Just hope it continues despite our usual grotty cold weather!

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